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International American Association of Finance & Management

The IAAFM Board of Standards Officially Issues the Certifications and Designations
All IAAFM certifications are issued direct from the USA


IAAFM - International American Association of Finance & Management

Board of IAAFM Issues the Certifications and Designations Officially

   Welcome to the IAAFM, advancing standards and education programs for all finance professionals. Made up of many member companies spanning the global market, the IAAFM connects the finance industry with financial management credential certifications.

   As an international association, the IAAFM enables our members to develop robust expertise for managing the massive volumes of finance generated by today businesses. For the past years we have worked to bring recognition of financial issues to the business world.  As a result, the IAAFM has adopted the role of industry catalyst for the development of financial specifications and global standards, and education.


   International American Association of Finance & Management (IAAFM) is a non-profit organization, and an academy and certificate accreditation organization of European and American International Culture and Education Foundation (EAICE-Foundation, ).  We also are an accredited member of IACUE (International Association for College and University Education, the worldwide hallmark of excellence in education, and official member of AACSB (The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, ACBSP (The Academy of Collegiate Business Schools and Projects, WWC (Worldwide Classroom and accredited by DETCA (Distance Education and Training Congress of Accreditation The DETCA Accrediting Commission defines, maintains, and promotes educational excellence in distance education institutions.IAAFM is also an accredited member of ACICS (Accrediting Council of International Certificate and Society /).

  Our members are dedicated to developing and promoting standards, managerial, and educational services to empower organizations in the management of finance, accounting, business risk, marketing and asset. The IAAFM works toward this goal by forming and sponsoring Finance Work Groups, producing with our strategic partner building and maintaining a vendor neutral Finance Center and promoting activities that expand the breadth and quality of the financial management market. The IAAFM's ability to accomplish these goals is directly attributed to the dedication and hard work of hundreds of volunteers from our member companies.  With regional affiliates spanning the globe, IAAFM is truly the voice of the industry on a worldwide scale.


IAAFM Finance Certificates

1.CBS - Certificate of Business Strategist

2.MFP - Master of Financial Professional

3.CWMP - Certificate of Wealth Managerial Professional

4.CBM - Chartered Business Management

5.CQM - Chartered Quality Management

6.CRM - Chartered Risk Management

7.CITM - Chartered Information Technology Management

8.CMM - Chartered Marketing Management

9.CHCM - Chartered Health Care Management

10.CPMP - Chartered Production Management Professional

11.CHM - Chartered Hospitality Management

12.CLS - Chartered Labor Safety

13.CSM - Chartered Sport Management

14.CBSM - Chartered Business Strategist Management

15.CHRM - Chartered Human Resource Management

16.CFM - Chartered Functional Management

17.CMM - Chartered Manufacturing Management

18.RBA - Recorded Business Analyst

19.CIM - Certificate of Innovation Management

20.CKM - Certificate of Knowledge Management

21.RFSP - Registered Financial Specialist Professional

22.MCP - Master of Communication Professional

23.MCMP – Master of Communication Management Professional

24.MLTMP – Master of Leisure & Tourism Management Professional

25.MIMP – Master of Innovation Management Professional

26.MKMP – Master of Knowledge Management Professional

27.MAMP – Master of Accountant Management Professional

28.MRMP – Master of Risk Management Professional

29.CFC – Certificate of Finance Consultant

30.CBC – Certificate of Business Coach