How to access the SIIS modules

Student Information Service Centre (SISC) The Student Information Service Centre (SISC) is geared to faculty and staff who perform student-related administrative and advising roles on campus. The SISC includes functions to support initial entry, inquiry and updates for:

  • biographic and demographic information
  • admission information such as previous institution (high school and post secondary), high school courses, transfer credit, general test scores
  • registration controls, support, timetable
  • degree audit
  • grades, average calculation, session evaluation and academic record
  • advanced searching capability to find groups of students meeting specific criteria (e.g. specific faculty, department, citizenship, course, etc.)
  • email capability to send to an individual student or a group of students based on a search or from a file of student numbers
  • awards inquiry

Faculty Service Centre (FSC) The Faculty Service Centre allows administrators and faculty members to access class lists and submit grades online. Other functions include course outline URL maintenance, restriction viewer, curriculum management, faculty course management and scheduling.
Instructors have access to class lists and grade entry for sections that they teach.
Administrators must specify which of the services on the FSC they would like access to so that a customized account can be created.

Password Inquiry

You may enter your registered login name or email address to inquire about your login and password.

Both your login name and password will be sent to your email account registered in this system.